How It Works

Invoice financing is an excellent way for companies to improve their cashflow by using their sales invoices as collateral to borrow funds, instead of waiting for payment.

Typically, a company would sell its sales invoice at a discounted rate through a brokerage.

Technology now enables us to make this investment practice available to a wider audience, and algorithms mean we are able to offer fractional investment easily. Investors do not have to buy full invoices, but can buy fractions of various invoices and spread their risk.

At Capital Springboard, we connect accredited investors with sellers who have outstanding receivables from credible, accredited companies.

A well-listed, well-administered funded invoice is a win-win for all parties involved.

For Example

Cashflow ExampleSuccessful Transaction Sample Invoice

Face Value S$100,000

Discount Rate (30 Days) 1.0%

Term 75 Days

Gross Rate 2.5%

Sale Price S$97,500

Advance (1st tranche) 80%

Origination Fee 2%

Performance Fee 25%

Companies need to submit invoices with terms of 90 days or less, and there must have been previous transactions between Company A and Company B.

Currently we are offering this service only to Singapore-registered companies.

To participate, you must be an accredited investor or institutional investor. You can then open an account with Capital Springboard and with a minimum of S$50,000.

Peer to Peer Investing in 90 seconds

AutoinvestData-driven investments

AutoInvest is an automated service that uses our unique algorithm to find and match you to the best invoice investments.

Set your preferences and let AutoInvest do the rest.