Welcome to Capital SpringboardA New Way to Invest

Our easy-to-use peer-to-peer investing platform gives accredited investors the opportunity to invest in short term invoices in Singapore – an outstanding opportunity to realise annualised returns of 11-25%, during a 90 day investment window.


Superlative returns, short-term investment

We purchase invoices with average duration of 90 days which means your investment and returns are accessible immediately after.

Stable returns, averaging 11–25% annualised, depending on the grade of risk.

A new asset class for your portfolio

Invoice financing is a new asset class lightly correlated to the economic cycle, where accredited investors buy yet-to-be paid invoices and earn an attractive return when the invoice is fully paid.

Asset Classes

Invoices are vetted by our experts to minimise risk

Our team of trade and alternative finance experts vet and grade each invoice to give you a clear indication of risk. The higher the grade of the risk, the better the returns.

Risk grades range from A+ to F.

Calculate Your Returns

Input your investment amount to see your returns based on different risk scenarios.

Drag the slider to calculate the potential risk/return of your investment.

Risk Level Conservative Moderate Performance
Deployed Funds 45%-65% 55%-75% 65%-85%
Default Rate 0% – 1% 1% – 2% 2% – 3%
Return 14% 17% 25%
1-Year Return13.6%

Risk and Diversification

A more diversified portfolio provides accredited investors with less volatility and higher probability of achieving the expected return.

Using our actual historical data and assuming a 3% default rate, the table illustrates this as highlighted:

3% Default Rate 5 Invoices 20 Invoices 200 Invoices
Expected return 18.5% 18.5% 18.5%
Likely range of return -43% to 31% -26% to 29% -9% to 26%
Probability of negative return 9% 8% 1%
Probability of >8% return 76% 83% 95%

Investment on Capital Springboard is risk-bearing and speculative. Positive returns are not guaranteed, even with a sound diversified portfolio. All investments have risks and investors should be aware that investments can increase as well as decrease, and there they should carefully consider the risk and return profile together.

AutoInvest helps you build a diversified portfolio

Pre-set your preferences: discount rate, exposure level to debtor, seller and any single invoice.

AutoInvest helps you build a diversified portfolio, based on your preferences. Set your preferences when you sign up. You may change or update your settings at any time.

AutoInvest ensures you never miss available invoices.

Our Invoice Criteria

businesses only

At least 1 year
trading history

Invoices averaging
90 days

Existing relationship
between parties

Easy Process

Register Account
Open A Trading Account
Review Invoices
Buy Invoices
Invoice is Repaid
Fund Credits to You

Your Trading Account

Once your application is successful, you open a Capital Springboard trading account held with our escrow agent, Vistra Trust (Singapore) Pte. Limited, with a minimum investment of S$50,000.

You can withdraw your undeployed funds at any time.

Vistra Trust is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Vistra has won multiple awards, including:

  • Wealth Briefing Asia Hong Kong "Best Independent Trust/Fiduciary Company"
  • Acquisition International Fund Awards
  • "Fund Formation & Administration Firm of the Year"
  • Citywealth International Financial Centre Awards "Trust Company of the Year"

Money Managers

If you are a money manager, check in with all the accounts you manage in one place.

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Capital Springboard works with

Grant Thornton Dun & BradstreetVistra Trust Singapore Pte Ltd

Legal advisory from

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