Money Managers

Capital Springboard offers professionals managing multiple accounts an easy way to access and review.

Money Manager is an optimised application that allows the asset management of a number of portfolios under a single log-in.

In addition to defining varied risk deployment strategies on a portfolio-by-portfolio basis, Money Manager helps you set up useful email alerts and notifications to ensure you know when specific liquidity levels are reached.  

How it works

Money Managers

Money Managers are able to send requests to clients to open accounts with the platform, and to view platform-relevant data such as debtor repayment history.

When a proposed client accepts an invitation and an account is opened and funded, the Money Manager will receive an email notification from Capital Springboard.

With consent from the client, the Money Manager will be authorised to view their account, recommend risk deployment strategies and communicate suggested changes in strategy.

Key Features:

  • Customisable risk deployment parameters
  • Apply the strategy to all or a select number of portfolios
  • Set trading alerts on an individual portfolio-by-portfolio basis or across a select group of portfolios
  • Set a fixed timeline for an individual report or multiple reports to be sent to account holders


Account holders wishing to use the services of a Money Manager to advise them on risk deployment strategies are given three options on how to remunerate for this service - from 5%, 10% or 15% of their actual returns as commission, or if the Money Manager is in agreement, the service could be free.

Upon instruction from the investor, the platform will debit the fee from their account on trades that have concluded and pay the agreed fee to the Money Manager.